Bookings Policy

Darebin RSL Bookings Policy

The Darebin RSL Bookings Policy applies to all enquiries for Saturday nights and any sitting deemed necessary by the Darebin RSL Management. This policy is to ensure all members and guests have the greatest opportunity to secure a booking when required, by reducing the chance of overbooking and reducing the likely hood of large bookings not attending when other customer enquiries have been turned away to accommodate them.

Large Bookings

All bookings of 19 people or more are deemed large and require a refundable deposit of $100 to secure. $100 deposit will be refunded on the day of the booking in cash when the following criteria have been met:

Table of 19-24 people: 15+ meals ordered.

Table of 25-30 people: 20+ meals ordered.

Table of 31 people or greater: 25+ meals ordered.

This policy encourages the customer to work with the venue in supplying accurate numbers prior to any event, if your requirements change please notify the venue as soon as possible, bookings that underestimate their requirements are not guaranteed additional spaces on the day/night.

Regular Bookings

Customers cannot make permanent bookings for any desired table. The table layout and seating plan decisions for any given event lie with the Bistro Supervisor who is to consider and best accommodate the needs of all guests within the venue. Any request for a specific table will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

Contact Person

The contact person named for each booking is the sole contact authorised to adjust booking numbers.